Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Don't Just Expose Your Kids to Art - Let Them Experience It.
The art training of children should proceed on two lines: The child should begin both to express himself creatively and​learn to appreciate art
An award-winning audio program that will teach your child what anxiety is, how it works, and how to overcome it.

Lead your group or family to discover victorious faith and love that conquered communist prisons.
All net proceeds from Wurmbrand resource sales provide help for families of Christians imprisoned for their faith
The Book of Jude. Wonderful Book. It's Purpose. To encourage Christians to passionately defend the truth about Jesus. Do you realize that you are in a war? It is not a physical battle between two nations; it is a battle of truth, the truth about the Good News of Jesus Christ. Today speak God's Word boldly and concisely to defend His truth.
Good Morning. The Lord says: Hold fast to the hope you confess, for I am your God and faithful to keep My promises; Hebrews 10:23