Thursday, October 4, 2018

Family Fun - Make "I Love You Today Gifts" for someone Special
Duerr's clear and simple ingredients lists, step-by-step instructions, and detailed breakouts on techniques such as shibori, dip-dye, and block printing will ensure beautiful results. 
Pre-Order: Great Gift for Garden Devotees
Growing year round is possible, and this book can teach you the best methods to do it the right way.  Certain plants can even be harvested in the middle of winter if handled correctly. 
Overcoming Evil contains the complete eight lesson Spiritual Warfare Training Course offered by The Joseph Plan Worldwide Ministry. You can become an overcomer over all. This spiritual warfare book will change your life

Love Elements

Good Morning. Believers, let's pray in unity: Father God, let our leaders fall down before the Lord, and let our Nation serve Him in Jesus' Name; Ps 72:11