Monday, September 24, 2018

True Christians are not weak, wimpy, or passive. As born-again believers, we all have the Holy Spirit literally living on the inside of us. God dwells within us and as a result, our bodies have now become the actual temple of the Holy Spirit. His supernatural power is now fully available to each of us, in order to help us handle the trials, tribulations and evil attacks that can come against us during this end times age.
As society drifts further from a biblical worldview (based on the absolute authority of God’s Word), we see the tragic consequences highlighted in the news over and over again. He  sexually assault four women in the prison.
Our vision is to help women vulnerable to human trafficking by helping them start businesses and bring their products to market under the Freegrance brand.
Good Morning. Confess out loud: Today my hope is grounded in unshakable promises of God , my hope is sure and steadfast; Hebrews 6:19