Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Holy Spirit will bring the world to the point whereby they fully understand that the issue of belief in Christ is the only way of salvation.

Teens learn from other's failures and triumphs how to make the right choices and that God is at work in their lives.

This devotional creates a safe, social atmosphere for teens to learn that they are not alone and that God is at work in their lives.
Your Child Has to Grow Up in An Evil World 
Help Them Out Now

25 Bible Stories for Heroes 
Bibleman and his team will challenge your Child with a power Scripture and a challenge to help your Child live like one of God's heroes.
Satan tries to prosecute Christians but Jesus our defense attorney has enough evidence to free us from the charges.
Good Morning. Confess out loud: Forgiving others is the key to living in the liberty of the freeing forgiveness Jesus has given to me.