Friday, August 17, 2018

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Six mini-videos on six hot creation topics!

You’ve never seen the creation issue addressed quite this way before!
Apparently spending time in outer space can actually lead to long-term changes in your DNA

Helping Christian Women Grow in Faith and Family
 Ways to Pray for your Husband
1) Pray for his walk with God, that he continues to grow spiritually and is prepped to be the spiritual head of a household, and that he makes God the top priority in his life.
 2) Pray for his ability to hear God’s voice, for his ear to be in tune to hear all of God’s instructions.
 3) Pray for his will to be bendable toward whatever God wants for his life.
 4) Pray for his emotional health—that any past wounds be dealt with and healed. Pray for restoration in all areas.
 5) Pray for his physical health.

 The Dangerous and Uncertain World We Live In


Approved by Department of Homeland Security
Good Morning. Confess: I believe Jesus is God's Son and I trust Him as my Savior, who died for my sins and - conquering death - rose from the grave and became my Friend.