Saturday, July 21, 2018

Green Baby Toys
There's nothing more important than the health of your baby. Shop safe organic and eco-friendly baby toys and stuffed animals made under the highest standards. New! Introducing Organimals! Amazingly cute Fair Trade stuffed animals handmade with love by underprivileged Moms who support their families making these toys. 


Let's Go Fishing
Discover Series Books for Babies & Toddlers

Grab your rod and tackle and use this little eBook to plan for a fun fishing trip this summer. Each page features one stunning photograph with a piece of fishing equipment's name. 
                                                THE GOSPEL
BELIEVE: The Death, The Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ
For years, we’ve maintained a list of arguments creationists should avoid. There are enough good arguments for biblical accuracy and a young earth that dubious claims can safely be discarded. 
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 HPE: Moral Code, The Ethics of AI

Advances in computing and the existence of entirely new data sets are ushering in AI capable of realizing milestones that have long eluded us: curing cancer, exploring deep space, understanding climate change. That promise is what fuels our culture’s unrelenting excitement and investment in AI. It also raises the need for real, honest dialogue about how we build and adopt these technologies responsibly.

Shimano CAT4000FC Catana FC Spinning Reel 

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Good Morning. Confess: Lord God Almighty, I give this (problem) to You—completely! Then I will praise You and leave it there; Col 3:15