Friday, April 6, 2018

The Rational Bible: Exodus was released this week and has already skyrocketed to #2 in all books on Amazon. 

"Dennis Prager has put together one of the most stunning commentaries in modern times on the most profound document in human history," says bestselling author and podcast host Ben Shapiro. "It's a must-read that every person, religious and non-religious, should buy and peruse every night before bed. It'll make you think harder, pray more ardently, and understand your civilization better."

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Do You Ever Struggle to Make God Your #1 Priority?
Maybe you mean to read your Bible... but you never seem to get around to it. Or you try to pray more, but you always seem to forget. 

You just need to Put God First.


TECHNOLOGY Training: Proclaiming the Good News through Mobile Devices
Good Morning. Confess: Today I cover my doorpost and possessions with the Blood of Jesus; Exod 12:13